Note: This is part 3 of the Adama & Balla story. The prequels can be found under the “Inspired Stories” tab. The first part is called “Adama” and the second part is called “Balla.” Happy reading!

**At the Ndiaye residence**

Adama: I said, who the hell is this, Balla?

Balla stuttered while attempting to come up with an answer. How would he be able to explain that he went and married someone else out of spite? Especially having just had a conversation with Adama’s father…

Balla: Baby, listen. I can explain.

Adama: Well, you better get to it before I catch a case.

Nogaye: Wow, so you really didn’t tell her?

Balla: I was going to but I was waiting for the right moment.

Adama: Give me back my suitcase, you son of a bitch!

Balla: Ada, please wait. Let me explain.

Adama: There’s nothing to explain here. It’s crystal clear what’s going on.

Nogaye: Balla, what exactly are you trying to explain? No long explanation is needed, just tell her point blank. I’m his wife too!

Adama: Don’t talk to me.

Adama was fuming. At this point, she would have rather continued with Balla’s silent treatment than confront this reality. She couldn’t even move her feet to either enter the house or go back to her father’s. She broke down.

**Adama’s monologue**

Adama [sobbing]: How could you do this to me? You miserable imbecile! All this time, I thought you were just taking some time to think and come back to your senses. Ndekete yooo yangui def sa affair you salte yi sama guinaw. Yallah nala sama akh dal! [Instead, you’ve been plotting this dirty shit behind my back. I hope karma gets you!] How long have we even been married for you to do something like this? What happened to telling each other everything and having trust at the foundation of our relationship? You’ve reneged on everything we’ve ever talked about. You traitor!

Adama became uncontrollable. She went on and on between tears and sniffles. Balla and Nogaye watched but with very different emotions. Balla was embarrassed and regretful for what he had done. It was simply out of anger and spite. Nogaye, on the other hand, was smirking and relishing in the fact that she had made such an impact.

Nogaye: No need to cry, sweetheart. I’m not here to compete with you; you’re not competition for me. You better accept the fact that your husband isn’t just yours anymore.

Balla: Shut up, Nogaye! How could you say something so insensitive. Adama is my awo [first wife].

Adama straightened up as she heard Balla and Nogaye go back and forth. She stopped crying and decided it was now or never to take a stance on this new situation.

Adama: Balla, I said put my suitcase down NOW!

Balla: Ada, let’s all just go inside so we can talk this through.

Adama: Last time, it was my brother that came over here. Let me be clear that you do not want my father to drive up here. Put. My. Suitcase. Down. And don’t make me repeat myself again.

Balla gently put the suitcase down and reached for Adama’s hand.

**Balla’s monologue**

Balla: Baby, I am so sorry for this. I don’t even know what got into me. I wasn’t thinking straight and I should have communicated with you more. Please don’t leave me, I need you. I’ll fix this, I promise. Please stay.

At this point, Nogaye was getting worked up.

Nogaye: What do you mean you weren’t thinking straight?! You think it’s just that easy huh, to use me when you need me and toss me to the side when you don’t want me anymore? MAN UP! You made your bed…

Balla: Nogaye, go inside now.

Nogaye: Nopal nala. Mais lenn nala ko khamal, yabbo ma sakh benn yonn. Mangui lay khaar si biir. [Whatever. But I will tell you one thing, you know damn well who you’re dealing with. I’ll be waiting for you inside.]

Balla: Ada, talk to me please.

Adama: Get your hands off of me.

**Adama’s monologue (part 2)**

Adama: I don’t know why they say jigéén soppal te bul wóólu [woman, admire but never trust]. It’s men who we should be weary of. How can someone be so dull and dense? You were never going to treat me with respect. One incident and you search elsewhere. Was I just going to spend my life with a traitor? Was I going to build a family with someone who can just betray me at the blink of an eye … and not even say anything? Balla, I don’t know what I did to deserve this but just know yours is coming. I gave you my everything and you took more and more in return. Did you even get goosebumps at the thought of being with someone else? This random lady is in our home and you gave her that access. How could you? I don’t know what’s going to happen but just know any respect and love I had for you is gone. You disgust me.

Balla stood with his head bowed, not knowing what to say in return.

Adama: I’m leaving. Please don’t call me or come to my father’s house unless it’s to dissolve this marriage.

Balla: Ada, please don’t say that. I can take Nogaye somewhere else – you don’t have to live together. Better yet, I’ll divorce her. Whatever you want, just tell me!

Adama: I didn’t think I could hate you anymore than I did 5 minutes ago yet you proved me wrong. Are you crazy? You think people are just dispensable huh?

Balla: No, no I’m just saying your happiness is my priority.

Adama: You should have thought about that before you went and did this. Like I said, I’ll be at my dad’s house. Don’t call me. If you have anything you need to say, call my dad. Tchhiiippp!

Adama sucked her teeth as she picked up her suitcase and walked out of the building. Outside, she stood, her eyes tearing up. She thought to herself “how am I supposed to go back to my parents’ house again” She already knew what her mother would say: taaru jigéén moy seuy [a woman’s beauty lies in her being married]. Her mother would never support her decision to divorce Balla. She felt stuck as she thought of where she could go in the meantime.

Adama sat in the back of the taxi and thought about how her life changed so quickly over the last few months. She went from being a bright student, close to getting her diploma, to putting her education on hold to get married, to being on the verge of a divorce. “Should I just stay with him?” she thought to herself. “But that would make me a coward. No, it would actually make me brave for not settling. What about all the people who didn’t think this marriage would last? How about those who were cheering us on. God, this is so embarrassing.”

Adama was at a loss for words and ideas. She knew sooner or later, she’d have to make a decision. For now, she simply drove to her friend Khady’s house. As the taxi pulled up, Adama sees a man coming out of Khady’s apartment with Khady right behind him. She sees Khady kiss the man on his cheek before hugging goodbye. As the man exits the home, Adama’s jaw dropped as she recognized the man. It was none other than Diop, her father. Staring at him in disbelief, Adama dropped her suitcase. Diop gasped as he realizes he’d just been caught. Khady runs back into the house and latches the door shut.

Adama: Papa!? That’s going on here?

Diop: Ada, princess, I can explain.

Unfortunately, those words had lost weight in the eyes of Adama. Yet another betrayal. Where would she turn for help now?

To be continued.

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