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Binette: Okay. Let’s talk in a bit. Adji is over here so I’ll call you back, yeah?

Djibril: Okay sweetheart. Talk soon.

Binette: I haven’t been able to come clean about it. He’s been extra sweet to me lately because I’ve just been so disconnected. I really just need some time to digest everything before I do something I’ll regret.

Adji: But you can’t hide this for long. You know the world is small and word gets around faster than you think.

Binette: That’s what I’m worried about. I want to tell him on my own time.

Adji: Unfortunately, you’re not operating on your own time. What’s done is done.

Binette: You know, for being my best friend, you’re not really helping me feel better.

Adji: I can’t lie honey. I can’t help it… I’m sorry. How can I help?

Binette: What should I do, seriously?

Adji: If it were me, I’d tell him myself sooner rather than later. Before he hears it from anyone else.

Binette: That would be a catastrophe.

Adji: Domou ndeye [my sister], let me ask you and please don’t be upset with me when I do.

Adji: Why did you do it?

Binette: Adji, I can lie to everyone but you. To be honest, I’m just tired of waiting. It’s been 7 years and I have not been happy at all. At all.

Adji: Okay but you’ve waited this long. What changed?

Binette: I don’t know when the wait will end. It’s hard waiting for something you don’t know when it’s going to end. I got fed up.

Adji: Did you talk to Djibril about it?

Binette: I have tried multiple times. My sentiments are always dismissed with “mougnal” or “yallah baakh na.”

Adji: This situation is complicated. I would still just advise you to tell him directly. Be sincere.

Binette: How do I tell him that I’m pregnant by somebody else, Adji? How?

Adji: Doyna waar deh [it’s crazy for sure].

Binette: What’s that noise?

Adji: What noise?

Binette looked down and realized her phone never hung up the call with Djibril.

Binette: [Yells] – Wouy sama ndeye…

4 thoughts on “Binette, the lonely wife

  1. very uncomfortable situation. sometimes its better to get divorce than being pregnant while being married.


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