Over the course of the interview series, I have gained some new inspirations and friends. Ndeye Dieng is one of them! When I tell you guys she is the epitome of exceptional client relationships, I mean it! She does everything with heart and follows through until you’re 100% satisfied. She leaves no stone unturned and we’re so honored to have her this week as she tells us a little about herself and her hair business, La Citrine Hair! ❤

My name is Ndèye Dieng; I am from Senegal. I have two beautiful girls and I am married to my best friend. I am the founder and CEO of “La Citrine Hair” created in September 2018.

Since becoming a mother, I find that my children have become my greatest motivation. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to grow and get better for myself as well, but feeling the need to realize things for them and becoming an example to them keeps me going. I had to go for my dreams. My girls in fact inspired the name of my business. They are both November babies and the Citrine stone is one of November’s birth stones. The Citrine stone which is also called “The lucky merchant stone” is believed to be a healing stone and is associated to many positive affirmations one of my favorites being “I create the World that I want”.

My ultimate role model is the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. We are taught that he was as perfect as one could be with the all characteristics of an exceptional human being, so there is no greater role model. But I do have a more realistic, more attainable one. Someone I get to call my family, my Cousin Diélé whom I couldn’t have built la Citrine Hair without. She is everything I would like to become: a wonderful wife, mother, sister, business owner, philanthropist! The list goes on. She inspires me.

My motto is : “If you are going to do it, then do it with your heart” ; I am proud to say that I am a very honest person and to me honesty and heart go hand-in-hand, which actually translate into my business which I unequivocally run with integrity. I believe in treating every client as V.I.P. I actually enjoy all their questions, mainly those they consider “silly”. I’m all about providing a whole experience and not just a product.

Getting into the beauty industry was definitely fate mixed with passion! I’ve always had a strong love for everything beauty! I always enjoyed dressing up and doing my hair and others’ when they let me! Coming to the U.S ( Dallas, Texas) as an international student majoring in Finance working in african hair braiding salons became my part time job. It wasn’t one I particularly enjoyed but unbeknownst to me, God was preparing me for what was ahead. I learned a lot even when I wasn’t conscious of it. After moving to NYC I got into the hospitality industry and was lucky enough to work in 4 and 5 star establishments which have instilled in me unparalleled customer service skills. God works in mysterious ways! These jobs that I accidentally fell into armed me with everything I needed to start a successful business. This is not the path I imagined for myself when I left my beloved Senegal, but Im absolutely loving the ride.

Senegal, the country of “Terranga” (hospitality)! You’ll find that most Senegalese are open and very generous, especially with food. Senegalese women are particularly beautiful; we come in such a wide range of beauty. I believe we posess a certain sensual charm and elegance. Our men are strong in character and hard working. We are a very proud people. In the next 10 to 20 years, and hopefully before, I see our people loving ourselves more and I mean as a unity because it all starts with self love. Love so great we won’t accept living in a beatutiful mansion and normalize trash piling up in our streets; love so great we won’t be able to sleep in a comfortable king size bed with Talibés famished and sleeping on the ground around the corner. Which brings me to Theforgottenchildren.org created by a senegalese family residing here in the united states. They are doing a wonderful job building a boarding school for the kids but they cannot do it alone and I’m inviting anyone who is able to assist them in achieving this goal.


I am just in awe at her tenacity and determination to make her work stand for itself, and it truly does. If you’re looking for great customer service and amazing hair, hit up Ndeye! I personally made an order with her where she was with me every step of the way, helping me pick the best shape and color for my face and when I opened my professionally packaged unit, I had extra goodies waiting for me in there! You will not be disappointed working with her. You can also check out her work (which includes tutorials and Q&A on our most pressing beauty questions) on her Instagram page @la_citrinehair.

Ndeye, THANK YOU for sharing your precious time with us! Keep on Shinin’ sis!


  1. Awww my dear sister!! A beautiful person in and out. Ndeye has a super sweet personality, she is a loyal friend and always worries about the people she loves. I am sooooo proud of her! She launched her business with so much passion and professionalism, she was made to be an entrepreneur! She truly loves what she is doing and she is good at it…So, I have no doubt that she will continue to use innovative ideas and keep building a sincere value to take her business to the next level in shaa Allah. Love you sis! Keep up the good work!
    Okay…wakh dji barineu…now for my 6th wig, I think I am gonna go with the Nickey🤔 check it out here https://lacitrinehair.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fnickey


  2. Beautiful interview Ndeye. You are truly talented and as Aida said “Keep shining” the sky is the limit. In sha Allah I will never stop buying from you, keep up the great customer service you have provide.


    1. Wow amazing interview, this is a very accurate description of Ndeye : an amazing human being that will always do right by you,and her integrity and professionalism is just impeccable, if you are looking for an outstanding product that comes with amazing service she is definitely your girl, she is the super mum that take cares of her kids put them to sleep and spend some nights working on her customers’ orders to make sure there is no delay!!! And I know that because I have chatted with her on some of those long nights! Good person, good product, good service and she does do “everything with her heart” when I received my package I could tell that everything was put together with love from the packaging to the little personal touch and goodies everything was on point! A great customer experience is everything abd it is something that is getting hard to get and that’s something you get with the gorgeous Ndeye! Thanks Aida for a great interview


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