My palms were sweaty and my heart was beating fast as I opened the front door to my house. I was a nervous wreck and didn’t know how tonight would go. But I had been sitting in my car for the last 30 minutes and it was starting to get late. I had to go inside.

MEDINA: Cherie! You’re finally home. I’ve been waiting on your for dinner.

I couldn’t even look her in the face. How would I muster up the balls to break the news to her? And why the hell was she in such a good mood? Did Medoune not stop by like I told him?

SEYDINA: Hey babe, yeah I’m home. Sorry I’m late, it’s been a hectic day.

MEDINA: Oh don’t worry, just get settled. I’ll finish preparing dinner so we can eat. I have a surprise for you!

Oh shit – so I wasn’t the only one with a  surprise! I whip out my phone as I head into our bedroom and ring Medoune, my best friend. He picked up right as I entered the room and closed the door behind me.

SEYDINA: Bro, did you talk to Medina like I asked you? She’s over here chipper as hell and I don’t know what to think!

MEDOUNE: I didn’t get a chance to stop by – sorry man! Today was hectic and besides, you were trying to throw me to the lions man.

SEYDINA: Man, what the fuck?! We agreed on this!

MEDOUNE: Listen man, that’s best coming from you. You know that.

SEYDINA: Whatever, man. You could have told me so I know what I’m walking into.

Seydina: Wa baakh na. (Okay, fine!)

MEDOUNA: Assumel rek! (Stay strong!)

I hung up the phone and changed out of my work clothes. I walked over to our bathroom and washed my face. I stood facing the mirror, contemplating how I would tell Medina this news. I closed my eyes and immediately started regretting the decision. Suddenly, I felt her arms wrap around me.


MÉDINA: Baby, what’s the matter? You’re acting weird today.

SEYDINA: It’s nothing, just a little tired from work.

MEDINA: Ah, I feel that. I had a long day myself. But I have a big surprise for you! Come with me!

She dragged me to the living room, where she moved some furniture around and cleared the center. On the ground was a picnic-style spread of all kinds of foods. There were candles everywhere and soft music playing. I gulped.

MÉDINA: Have a seat – get comfortable!

SEYDINA: Medina, we need to talk.

MÉDINA: We have all night for that! Stop being so weird and let me get my surprise out.

SEYDINA: No, listen to me. I’m being serious.

MÉDINA: Wa toggual rek – lolou wessoul (okay, just sit down first).

I sat down next to her and grabbed her hand.

MÉDINA: Oh my God, why are you acting so weird. I thought you liked surprises.

She joked with a genuine laugh.

SEYDINA: It’s not that. Medina, I got married.

She looked at me with confused eyes.

MÉDINA: Married – what does that mean?

SEYDINA: I took a second wife.

MEDINA: Oh wow. Uhm … okay. When was this?

SEYDINA: Last week. I have been wanting to tell you but just didn’t…

MÉDINA: It’s okay. Please stop talking.

I immediately felt the shame overtake my body. Holy shit!

Medina and I had been married for 7 years now and honestly, the years have been nothing short of perfect. We had our minor differences but she was everything I envisioned in the perfect wife. I really fell head over heels for her since our first date and we’ve been inseparable since. The problem in our marriage was that we couldn’t conceive. We had been to multiple doctors and tried practically everything. The last couple of weeks were very emotional for us as we finished yet another treatment and it was starting to take a toll on our love, at least for me.

SEYDINA: Babe, please just hear me out. I know how hard we’ve been trying to get pregnant and I know the strain is only to get worse and worse – the more we desire it, the more it creeps into our relationship and causes tension. I just…

MÉDINA: Seydina, you don’t have to explain yourself. Eat your food.

I lost my appetite. How could I continue to face this woman?

SEYDINA: I can’t eat. We need to talk about this.

MÉDINA: No, we don’t. You’ve already made your decision, what exactly would you like me to say?

SEYDINA: Something, anything! Please!

MÉDINA: I don’t have anything to say. I heard you.

I didn’t know what else to do. I couldn’t read her reaction – was she angry? Mad? Hurt? She didn’t speak for the rest of the dinner and I didn’t eat. I couldn’t bring myself to.

After dinner, I snuck into the bedroom after sitting in the living room for about an hour after she left. I could barely move one foot in front of the other but I tried and snuck silently into the bedroom. I found her brushing her hair. I didn’t know whether to stand or sit. Talk or be quiet. I just didn’t know. Medina took off her robe and my mouth dropped.

She was in a sexy, black two-piece lingerie with a whip in her hand. I was scared – after telling her this news, I sure as hell wasn’t going to physically cause her pain. What the hell was I supposed to do with that whip!?! What the hell was she up to!?!

MÉDINA: Tonight, I want you to forget about all of your problems and indulge with me. Stop the worrying and quit being weird.

She started to walk towards me and my whole body tensed up. On the bed were all kinds of toys she laid out and let me tell you, my only plan for the night was to curl up on my side of the bed and keep quiet after dropping this news! I figured the less movement and talking I did, the less trouble I got myself into.

MEDINA: Listen, I don’t want you thinking I am phased by the news. I know how much I mean to you and I won’t let anyone come between us. Ease up and enjoy this night with me. I love you, forever and always.

The sound of her saying the words “I love you” reassured me and I started to loosen up a bit.

MEDINA: I’m going to finish my preparations in the bathroom – I have a lot in store for you 😉

I smiled at the idea and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips before she turned around to walk away from me. She drops the whip as she turned and bent over in the most sexy way to pick it up. Holy Hell – I am crazy about this woman! I was hoping Medoune could talk to her before I got home and calm her down a bit so I only had to deal with the aftermath but seems like we didn’t even need that. Wow, I’m a lucky man! I ran over to the bed to examine everything that was laid out. It was going to be a good night!

I decided to prepare and get comfortable myself for a wild night. I stripped down to my boxers and lay out on the bed waiting for Medina to come back. Moments later, just as I began fantasizing about everything we would do that night, the bathroom door opened. I perked up and greeted her with a big smile. But she didn’t quite have a smile on. In fact, she was fully clothed and pulling a suitcase behind her.

SEYDINA: Huh!? What the hell is this? Where are you going?

MÉDINA: Hmm, someone made themselves at home.

SEYDINA: I AM home – now answer me! What the hell is going on?

MEDINA: Actually, this is my home but we’ll talk about that in court.

SEYDINA: Court?!

MÉDINA: Shut up. Did you really think that was it? You’d tell me you got a second wife and I’d treat you to a night of pleasure? You must really be mad.

I stood up from the bed and started walking over to Medina. I didn’t look very serious with just my boxers on and you can imagine my downtown situation after all that fantasizing. I couldn’t be taken seriously but I tried anyways.

SEYDINA: Medina, stop messing around! What the hell is going on?

MEDINA: What’s going on is that I’m leaving you. You are really a piece of work.

Medina was staring me up and down with a look of disgust.

MEDINA: 7 years of ups and downs with you and this is what you repay me with? Nice, very nice.

SEYDINA: Let’s talk about it! It’s not what you think, I can explain. Babe, I just wanted us to have a chance at having kids.

MEDINA: Us?! How considerate of you. Listen, I’m going to keep this short. You’ll be hearing from me and my lawyer in the next couple of days. Don’t make this harder than it has to be. Sign whatever they send you.

SEYDINA: Yaw khana dangua doff?! Lawyer? You’re not going anywhere.

MEDINA: Step away from me. We’ll discuss everything with our lawyers present, including co-parenting guidelines.

SEYDINA: Co-parenting?!

MEDINA: Yes, you idiot. My grand old surprise was that I’m pregnant. But you just had to outdo me with your own surprise huh?

I was dumbfounded. She dragged her suitcase towards the door and I desperately hung onto her.

MEDINA: Get your hands off of me or I will call the police.

I let go of her arm and instantly started crying, begging.

SEYDINA: Baby, please stop. Don’t go – let’s talk this out! I’m sorry!

Medina kept walking, not even looking back at the mess she left behind. My life changed forever from that moment on.

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