It all started with a gentle kiss upon my lips.

It then proceeded to consistent strokes down to my collarbone.

With the brisk evolution into an entanglement of emotions, I felt an ever-so-fragile embrace down the small of my back.

It just felt really right…almost intrinsic. 

I should have know it was poisonous.

But I didn’t.

I held onto the warmth behind his exhales and hoped that his fingers running down my spine didn’t leave a mark. 

I couldn’t afford any more scars…they were a constant reminder of what I left behind.

And promised to never look back on.

My weakness was highlighted by the silent whispers of lust as his breath glided over my stomach…

His sensual voice left trails of empty promises that sounded so familiar and so redundant.

His high had me in a maze and I searched for the nearest exit out of the mess I had gotten myself into.

But the colliding fields of interest held me back, the past versus the present versus the future.

The future that I never want to come…at least not with him in the peripherals.

Just as my mind began to roam, I was reminded of the compromising situation I’ve gotten myself into.

His eyes explored mine and I lost every ounce of oxygen I had.

A scramble for sanity catalyzed by our intertwined fingers—slow then a steady increase.

I throw my head back as he fed me stories of fulfillment, climactic anecdotes, and exhausting declines.

I saw it coming…disappointment at its finest. 

They were all false convictions and glorified thrusts of impotency.

It ended with heavy breathing, exhausted smiles and a gentle kiss upon my lips.

A smooth and swift release from his hold and the “next-day” regrets began as I realized…

They were all lies he told me. 

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