Fictional Senegalese stories inspired by real life.

Codou, the street vendor

Codou is hard working street vendor. Her personality as just as vibrant as the beautiful mangoes she’s been selling for 8 years! Discover her story.

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KBF said … An old man is needed in a country

Ahhh – the elders. “Respect” was the only word I ever associated with them growing up. It was like their word was law. If you ask my mother, she will still tell you that their word IS law. It may be because she’s one of them now … an elder.

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It was the night of their wedding and all the guests had gone home. They were preparing for their honeymoon…

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Mbaye: I am sorry. I’ve done everything anyone could think of… Laila: Shhh. Don’t beat yourself up about this. It’s…

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All I’ve ever wanted was to be enough for my family and for myself. It’s hard when you have so…

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